Skyrim: A New Life

She left Winterhold amidst a flurry of snow and wind. Leaving the battered village behind she took the mountain road south. Coming in her direction she saw a couple of heavily armed females dressed in similar garb to her, College initiates mayhaps? As she walked past them one of them stopped and approached her. She introduced herself as a member of the Order of the Vigilants of Stendarr. An order exclusively dedicated to the fight against evil, most particularly deadra, vampires and werewolves. She regaled Se’rith with her order’s sacred mission and their pledge to protect Skyrim from the darkness spewed from Oblivion. The Vigilant offered to heal Se’rith as, to use her words, she was ‘bloated’ with disease. In return they only asked that Se’rith would not consort with daedra or any other evil powers. The Dunmer acquiesced and the Vigilant asked her to kneel. Laying her hands on Se’rith she called upon Stendarr’s blessing to remove the blight of disease from this warrior of light. Blue energy flowed from her fingers and enshrouded Se’rith. The effect was instant. Strength began to flow into her arms and legs again and her head felt clearer that it had for a couple of days. She rose and thanked the Vigilants as they continued on the road down to Winterhold. Se’rith resumed her journey to Azura’s shrine with more purpose as surely the Goddess must have seen her plight and put the Vigilants on her path.

Slightly further up the pass a man suddenly ran up to her and thrust a shield into her hands. She was roughly told to hold onto it unitl he returned. He was rather blunt in his assertion that he would gut her should she lose it. Without further word and not allowing Se’rith a response he skulked off into the snowdrifts. Hot on his heels came a second Nord who immediately dropped to his knees upon spotting the tracks. Seeing Se’rith holding the shield, one radiating protection magic, he demanded where the thief was. He explained that a fugitive from a penal colony had assaulted him on the road from Dawnstar and taken his shield. He had tracked him across the tundra and was grateful for the return of his property but wanted to enact revenge. Se’rith indicated the direction the thief had taken and watched the Nord follow into the drifts. Feeling somewhat obliged to intervene Se’rith hoisted her weapon and called forth her Sparks spell and followed.

Finding the villain hiding among the snow drifts the Nord began to lose arrow after arrow that flew with unnerving accuracy to their target. Se’rith contributed two solid blasts with her magic that scorched the studded leather armour the thief wore. A third arrow thudded against the man’s temple and he dropped like a stone. The Nord thanked Se’rith for her aid and told her she was welcome to the dead thief’s possessions as a reward for helping him. He introduced himself as a Stormcloak Warden tasked by Jarl Ulfric to keep the peace in the Hold. A Stormcloak! Se’rith stiffened but nodded her understanding as he turned away to walk South. She felt somewhat like a scavenger rifling through a dead man’s [pockets but hadn’t he tried to use her? 8 gold septims richer later she resumed her course. Stopping at the mine she had a bite to eat with a Winterhold guard that was telling her of an adventuring career cut short due to an arrow to the knee!

OT – eating animation courtesy of Imps More Complex Needs.


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