Skyrim: A New Life

The path leading up to Azura’s Shrine was a rocky, windy, snow swept path. The cold glacial wind drove across its surface howling as it went. The path rose up into the mountains twisting and turning the air getting thinner. Se’rith didn’t see the snow cat until it was too late. Crouching amid the drifts and swells it leapt out at the mage. Blending in with its natural habitat Se’rith was already on the back foot as the cat raked its claws painfully against her right arm. She surprised herself when she recovered much quicker than when the wolf had bit her a few days ago. Confidently she called on her Dunmer powers and asked the ghosts of her ancestors for their protection and it seemed they did as ethereal flames cocooned her. The snow cat instinctively backed away while Se’rith felt no heat at all. She took a step forwards and was rewarded with the smell of charred fur and a whelp of pain. Grinning wickedly in spite of herself she sent two quick blots of lightning at the cat that took them both square on the eyes. With a growl it dropped dead at Se’rith’s feet. Blinking unbelievingly she felt her ancestors fading away and thanked them for their aid. Downing such an enemy was a big step forward for her. Five days ago she was a girl, a refugee. Now she had power at her disposal to fend of predators hell bent on her flesh. She marched forward purposely and soon enough got sight of the most majestic thing she had seen in her life. A likeness of Azura as large as the heavens themselves. She fell to her knees in supplication and praise. Azura rose from the mountains like a new dawn, much like Se’rith was reforging herself in this harsh, cold land.

(OT-Se’rith is now at Level 3)

She climbed the steps reverently, her red eyes brimming with tears. This was Dunmer work. Her countrymen had crafted this, she just new. She climbed all the way to the top and there in front of an altar she met another Dunmer. ‘I’ve been expecting you,’ she said. ‘She told me you were coming and I have know you were going to come up those stairs even before you were born.’ She introduced herself as Aranea, a priestess of the dawn, an acolyte of Azura. She told Se’rith of a prophecy know to the Azurites of a woman, a Dunmer, who would challenge the wizard capable of bringing the brightest star into darkness. The woman would come by sea and climb the steps of the shrine recently bloodied and hurt. Aranea suddenly seemed to lose sight of Se’rith and turn her gaze outwards, to the sea. ‘Seek him in the castle the rises from the water battered by the waves,’ she suddenly said. In the next instant she was back smiling at Se’rith and charging her to find this enemy of Azura. As a child of Morrowind she solemnly swore to seek out this enemy of the Mother of the Rose and keep the star burning bright. She took a brief moment to take in the view from the platform and for the first time realising the rugged beauty of this new land that was to become her home!

The rugged beauty of Skyrim. Land of the Nords and a Dunmer.


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