Skyrim: A New Life

The Guardian Stones stood in a very pitcutresque location near the quait village of Riverwood that was to the south of Whiterun. Covered in vines and extremely weathered, the stones had constellations carved into them and had a hole in the top section. Se’rith approached them reverently fully aware of their significance.

Closing her eyes and whispering a prayer to the Nine, she placed her hand on the stone with the carved constellation know as the mage. The stone began to shimmer and a radiate green light. The circular hole began to crackle with lightning and without warning a straight column of green light shot up into the sky. It lasted a mere moment and Se’rith could detect no immediate change. The drawing of steel and a deranged shout behind her however did make her change as pain flared across her back as sharp steel cut through linen and robe to score deeply in her back.

Some insane woman, she was even frothing at the mouth, was slashing wildly at her with a dagger. She was clearly not in control of her own senses. Se’rith tried to back away but when the crazy woman opened a second wound on her left forearm instinct took over and soon enough another smoking corpse was at Se’rith’s feet. During the fight a journal had fallen out of the woman’s backpack and as Se’rith recovered from the fight she read it as she rested her back on the Mage Stone.

A dragon! This woman must have been insane indeed!

OT-I think this is Arthmoor’s Live another Life’s way of getting the main quest started. The mod allows for alternative starts to the game without having to go through Helgen.


2 comments on “Skyrim: A New Life

  1. antiscamp says:

    Hey! Nice job with the story! It’s really great reading. I’ll be following. 🙂

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