Skyrim: A New Life

Se’rith next went into the Arcaneum too see what she could find on dragons. It was made perfectly clear that dragons and dragon lore played a massive role in the history of Skyrim. She read several legends about Olaf and of why the palace of the Jarl of Whiterun is called Dragonsreach. She spent a couple of hours over a tome called ‘The Dragonborn’. It detailed the history of the Tiber Septims and how St Alessia sealed a pact in blood with Akatosh thus mingling dragon and human blood. These ‘Dragonborn’ are said top be infused with some of the powers of dragons. A second book she had picked up looking for information on dragons called ‘Lost Legends’ did provide a nugget of information on the incidents at Saarthal.

It detailed the legend of Gauldur, an archmage of immense power that acted as advisor to King Harald and the Jarls of Skyrim during the 1st Era. Jealous of his influence and power someone had him murdered. The suspects ranged from one of his three sons to the King himself. As it was no one was ever accused but feeling persecuted his sons fled which led to chase by the King’s men. One of his sons is said to have perished near Solitude, in a place known in antiquity as Folgonthur. Gauldur himself was buried in some location with wards. Some sources said that those accused of murder and betrayal were buried with parts of the keys to these wards. This rang a bell in Se’rith’s mind and she dug into her satchel to look for the note found on the revenant. Jyrik was named betrayer and murderer and the amulet he wore was still in her pack. Should she find herself in or around Solitude she should inquire about this Folgonthur. Urag’s burly voice interrupted her reading as he towered over her inquiring if she’d got those books from Orthorn yet. She replied that she hadn’t and the orc seemed to look down at her mumbling something about elves and not being surprised.

Irked at his attitude she went back to her quarters. Once she had calmed down she realised the orc was in the right. Sat opposite her room, in her own chambers, she saw Brelyna. She went up to her and greeted her warmly.The   Telvanni retorted in kind and invited her to sit and share some wine and bread. Se’rith told her of her recent journey to Whiterun, but left out the bit of the dragons! She also told her about her visit to the Shrine of Azura and what Aranea had told her. Then she came to the crux of it, Saarthal. she told Brelyna everything she knew including the bit about Orthorn. She then posed the question. The journey would be long and she was in no doubt that these conjurers Orthorn had shacked up with would not be welcoming to College members, but Se’rith would ask Brelyna for her aid. The other Dunmer did not hesitate to accept claiming that leaving the College would do her well in gaining experience. They both agreed to leave at first light on the morrow taking the road through The Pale and approaching Whiterun from the North. Resupply there and then break East to search for Orthorn.

Two resilient Dunmer leave the College of Winterhold on a quest of utmost importance

OT-I have a mod called Specialized Followers by Kevin Kidder that greatly enhances followers in the game. Highly recommended!

2 comments on “Skyrim: A New Life

  1. antiscamp says:

    Urag the librarian is really quite a character. I liked him from the first second I saw him! Pity Se’rith doesn’t seem to get along with him though. Not many do. 😀

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