Skyrim: A New Life

Se’rith and Brelyna made good time through The Pale, for once the weather was on their side and soon enough they were descending into the tundra that surrounds Whiterun. As they neared the city Brelyna stopped asked Se’rith if she could return the favour of aid by helping her fetch something for Urag for a cave nearby. She showed Se’rith a map with a cave called Shimmermist Cave marked on it. The orc had asked her to retrieve some long writings by a mage called Shalidor. Apparently this mage had made himself a home and a research lab in Shimmermist Cave but this had been several years ago and nothing had been heard of him since. As the cave was just off the track where they had stopped Se’rith couldn’t see why they couldn’t indulge the surly orc.

Shimmermist Cave was true to its name as an eerie green mist wafted through its passages. A type of glowing mushroom grew on its walls adding its incandescent light to the already spook atmosphere. Se’rith knew that is this had been a lab or a home once it certainly wasn’t any more. A small tripwire linked to wickedly, sharp, curved piece of chitin indicated so. She told Brelyna to be wary and she stepped over the tripwire an arrow thudded into her shoulder. The pain was intense and for a moment her vision glazed over as she stumbled over. The the warmth spread and her vision returned. Brelyna was channelling healing energy into Se’rith’s body with her right had while her right hand was shooting bolts of fire upwards. Each bolt was greeted by a screech and an humanoid shape was outlined in flames as each bolt  consumed its energy upon impact. Several more arrows rained down but as Se’rith recovered and added her lighting bolts to Berlyna’s fire whatever creature was up there soon stopped firing.

The creature seemed a cross between an elf and a goblin. It had pale blue skin and sported webbed feet and long spindly fingers. It appeared to be sightless as its eye sockets were empty. The lack of a visual organ was obviously no impediment to its aim or proficiency with a bow though. It had  a distinctively evil look to it and both mages knew that the cave was not empty. The creature had stood behind a small barricade the seemed to be made from mixture of a dark leather and hard black chitin. It seemed to have been guarding a passage leading deeper into the cave and sloping downwards.

As they descended the air became staler and the earth around them increasingly damp. Chattering and chittering could be heard down side passages but no more of the creatures were seen. Yet both Dunmer had the uncomfortable sensation of being watched. They entered a large chamber at one point that had luminescent egg sacs made from a tough leather and some sort of blue skin. There were hundreds of them. Se’rith popped one open and found two very small hard shelled eggs in mottled blue inside. She stored them carefully to take back to the college for further study. A small passage leading from the chamber abruptly came to a large brass dorr set in stone. Brelyna let out a surprised gasp and told Se’rith that this door was of Dwemer construction. The Dwemer, the dwarves of myth and legend whose ruins dotted Morrowind had also expanded into Skyrim as well.

The door creaked open and revealed a small room that was full of archaic machinery that pumped and spun with a devilry of their own. Strange etchings covered the walls and pieces of brass machinery covered the floor. Se’rith knew of several College professors whose field of study was Dwemer history. They would love a place like this. She was captivated by the motion of the machinery and the gushing of steam from cogs and pistons. It was so alien to her. A type of magic that needed no magician to work. She was so lost in thought that she did spot the creature until it was swinging an axe made of chitin bone towards her head. It was wearing an oddly shaped helm and carrying a shield that seemed to have been made from a mudcrab’s pincer and shell.

Dwemer machinery

She brought up her weapon to parry and adopted a defensive stance. The creature had meanwhile skulked off to the rear of the room. He pressed a series of buttons and the back wall virtually disintegrated as a brass giant stomped its way through. It was a gigantic machine that gushed steam from its joints as it moved. It wielded an immense hammer in one hand. It crushed debris and machinery alike as it headed to the brace of Dunmer. Brelyna ducked under a wild swing of its hammer and struck at it with lighting she shot from a staff she had unstrapped from her back. The creature reared back as the electricity raced through its metal frame. The hammer continued its swing until it hit the wall with a massive boom. Shards of stone went flying all over the place and there was a partial collapse as the ceiling and tons of earth fell into the chamber. The construct had obviously been hurt and though its moulded countenance did not change it did howl. It took in a sharp breath, which the dunmer found strange, and then let out a massive cloud of boiling hot steam. Se’rith screamed as the whole left side of her body was scalded. Her blue robes were in tatters, her right arm a field of boilers and blisters and red raw meat. Brelyna was down. Her hair smoking, her staff broken in two. Yet it was the breaking of the staff that hd saved them. The Dwemer construct was rocking wildly on its large brass feet as lightning from the torn staff run through it. It had hold of the construct as if it were a web of live electrical energy coursing through its vitals. With an almighty crash it fell backwards totally obliterating a stone table sending debris and shards of brass all around.

As the dust settled Se’rith ran to Brelyna. She looked in a bad way. The left side of her face was raw and one ear had almost been melted away. Her left leg was also severely scalded. Checking for a pulse Se’rith was releived to find a faint one. She dug into her potion satchel and found a potion of restoration. She uncorked it and cradled her fellow dunmer’s head in her hands. She gently prised Brelyna’s lips open and began to feed small doses of the potion down her throat. The enchantment must have been powerful as once the whole concoction had gone Brelnya’s skin began to remould. Se’rith tried to make her as comfortable as possible and then explored the chamber. She found the creature that attacked her, well its webbed feet, sticking out from under a boulder that had come down in the partial collapse. Inside a shell like looking container she found an old, leather bound book. The pages were covered in schematics and runes should could not understand, this must have been what Urag was after. She hoped the orc would at least show some grace especially after how much it cost to get it. Se’rith stood guard over her friend as she recovered. Soon enough they were back on the road to Whiterun.

OT-look what I found in the Tundra. I guess its from the Skyrim Monster Mod. I know its lore breaking but I like variety.

Se'rith in her new robes she bought in Whiterun to replace the blue ones.

OT-I use Mage and Monk Outfits Texture Replacer V1.0 by darthsloth 74 for robes, however I cannot find the file on Nexus so it may have been removed.

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  1. antiscamp says:

    It’s getting more and more exciting. Gotta love that dinosaur by the way 😀

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