Skyrim: A New Life

Tolfdir was still admiring the orb. He told Se’rith he was totally captivated by it. From his observations he went on, he could sense its immense power as it virtually radiated magika. The runes were something he’d never seen before. They were neither men nor mer, a total mystery which the Archmage was totally engrossed in trying to solve. At this point that bastard Ancano came over and very rudely told Tolfdir that he needed to speak to Se’rith and that he was to make himself scarce. It hurt her to hear her mentor being spoken to in such a manner and her eyes blazed with rage. Tolfdir himself, in a rare lapse of self control, showed his anger but tempered it remembering that Ancano had the weight of the Aldemri Dominion behind him.

Ancano, arrogant bastard that he was, cut to the chase. There was a Psijic Monk here in the College that had asked for Se’rith by name. Ancano wanted Se’rith to find out what he wanted and was then to report straight to him! He roughly grabbed her by the shoulder and dragged her in the direction of the Archmage’s quarters. Se’rith’s anger flared and her left hand automatically called forth her lightning bolt. Ancano smirked arrogantly, ‘you wouldn’t dare you stupid dunmer bitch.’ Se’rith charged up her spell but it was Mirabelle that came to her resuce by putting her arm down and telling her now wasn’t the time. The Ambassador laughed out loud and pushed Mirabelle out of the way and snapped his fingers to indicate that Se’rith was to follow.

Inside the Archmages quarters she saw a brightly garbed monk in deep conversation with the Archmage. As they approached the Psijic looked at Se’rith and his eyes suddenly flared with gold. Time seemed to stop. Ancano and Soren where there but standing as if transfixed. The monk introduced himself as Quaranir a Psijic Monk. he said time was short and that the Order had tried to contact Se’rith before but had not been able too because of the orb, which he called The Eye of Magnus. The Eye was a powerful artefact that needed to be dealt with. It was immensely powerful and things had been set in motion that had the Eye at its centre. An impending misuse would make things happen, things with unfortunate circumstances. As Se’rith had found the object in Saarthal fate had decreed it would be her that would deal with the Eye of Magnus. He told her she should seek the Augur of Dunlain. It was somewhere in the College but somewhere beyond the sight of the Psijic’s. The Augur, Quaranir said, would guide her in how to deal with the Eye of Magnus. At that time rushed back. Ancano seemed dazed but Soren nodded at the monk. The usual vitriol and threats came from Ancano, but inside her mind she heard Quaranir’s voice uttering the name ‘Tolfdir.’

Se’rith found him still seething in the Hall of Attainment wolfing down a sweet roll. He almost choked when Se’rith mentioned the Augur. Tolfdir siad he hadn’t spoken to him for a while and assumed he was still in the Midden, a series of catacombs under the College. The Augur of Dunlain, as it turned out, was a ghost of a College member that had died when an experiment went wrong. If the Pisijic believed that the Augur had the answers they needed then Se’rith should descend into the Midden. Tolfidr warned her however that the dead walked those halls and that she would need to be prepared. Se’rith wondered if Brelnya was ready or willing for another sortie!

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