Skyrim: A New Life

Brelnya was well up for more adventure and her spirit did not dampen when the smell coming from the Midden hit their nostrils. Access to the Midden was via a trapdoor in the Hall of Countenance.

The Midden were a warren of tunnels that were part sewer, part dungeon, part natural cavern. Its passages twisted and turned in almost every possible direction. Its low ceilinged passages often opened up into natural ice caverns or small chambers. It was obvious to the Dunmer that previous members of the college had used these warrens for private research and experiments. They came across a rickety alchemy table and the remains of a summoning circle. What worried them was the large number of skulls and skeletons dotted all over the dank tunnels. Se’rith wondered if darker arts had often been practised down here. Indeed on several occasions they were assaulted by skeletons and a solitary Draugr. Strange patterns made from bone were impaled on several of the walls and they passed several shrines built into dark alcoves.

Inside a rubbish strewn chamber they found an odd looking contraption that looked of Dwemer make. They could not come to a conclusion as to its function and Se’rith would be asking upstairs to see if anyone could hazard a guess.

OT-This is part of Midas Magic Spells in Skyrim the spiritual successor of Midas’s mod in Oblivion. Have to  love the beam spells 😀

Evidence of Dark Arts...

After a few hours of wandering in the dank tunnels they came upon a wooden door. Both Dunmer heard the voice in their head at the same time. The voice was telling them to go back, that continuing was futile and that it had already begun. Se’rith looked at Brelnya and saw her face tremble. Some power was at work here. Forcing her will against the voice she turned the handle of the door as the voice continued to bombard her mind with messages of woe and doom. Brelnya was by this time whimpering, her shoulder slumped against a mossy brick wall. As Se’rith turned the handle and opened the door the voice suddenly stopped and there before them floated a blue ball of energy. Tendrils of blue ethereal energy caressed the air around it. There was no doubt in Se’rith’s mind that they had found the Augur of Dunlain.

The Augur communicated with her through her mind. It spoke in very cryptic terms, about an event that augured the end. The Eye of Magnus was going to be misused and disaster would follow. It told Se’rith that she was being guided on her Path by those who wanted the College saved from a very imminent danger. Not like the Thalmor, the Augur purred into her mind. The Thalmor! Had that bastard Ancano been down here before her. With a laugh the Augur consented his agreement. The Thalmor wanted something with the Eye, something that would spell the end of the College. Se’rith’s mind recoiled at this, and she resolved not to let this happen. The Augur seemed impressed at this and told her of the Staff of Magnus. The staff would have to be found and with it control the Eye before it happened. With a final command to seek out the Archmage the Augur winked out of existance.

Savos was found in the Hall of Elements and was mightily impressed that such a young pair of mages had braved the Midden and retrieved such important information. The College’s expert on staves and their histories was Mirabelle and Savos told Se’rith to seek her out post haste. He was also very concerned about the role Ancano was playing in all this. If the Augur was correct and the College was in dire danger, how did the Thalmor figure in all this?

Mirabelle proved as helpful as always. The Staff of Magnus was a very powerful artefact that had not been seen for decades. It was rumoured that Magnus created the staff as a way to contain and channel his power. She mentioned that a group of Cyrodiilic mages calling themselves The Synod had called at the College a mere month ago inquiring about several artefacts, among them the staff. This Synod were a group hell bent on aquiring as many magical artefacts as possible as they believed that by pooling magical power they could become a powerful player in imperial politics. Being apolitical the College was above all this but as an institution of learning it felt obliged to help them. All the Synod came up with was a name of a Dwemer ruin in the south, near the village of Primby. The name was Mzulft, a once proud Dwemer city now given over to the ravages of time.

OT-Primby is a village created by antiscamp as part of his ongoing work Frontier. Check out Frontier via the link in the blog roll. Primby will be visited next update.


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  1. antiscamp says:

    Yay! I’m looking forward to seeing Primby. 🙂

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