War in the Pacific Admiral’s Edition. Game vs Herb

Reuters, Changsha, China

For two days now the better part of two Japanese armies have been bombarding the outskirts of the city. The news from the West was not much better as the holding corps was routed by three enemy divisions supported by armoured elements. Civilians had been leaving the city for the past week or so but now the city was under martial law and no one else is leaving. This reporter is as close as one can get to the Front. USAAF bombers and fighters have made the skies over Changsha deadly for the Japanese, that have clearly had to reinforce their aerial units. Yesterday morning a full blown assault was carried out by the Japanese. Harassed by American and CAF planes the Japanese made a determined attempt to take the city. Yet they did not count on the courage and bravery of the average Chinese soldier. His tenacity in action matched by a desire to rid his land of the aggressor. The line held, not only did it hold but it solidly repulsed the enemy who is estimated to have left over 20,000 casualties behind him. Changsha could become the Stalingrad of the Orient for the Japanese.


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