Skyrim: A New Life

They found the Synod just inside the entrance, well a member of the Synod lying on the floor dying. He was whispering words as the blood bubbled from his lips. ‘Reach the Oculary…Parauts…’ he managed before he choked on his own blood. His robes were singed and a wicked, deep gash had almost cleaved his chest in two. Whatever had done this to him must have been fierce indeed. Mzulft, it seemed was not going to be without its dangers.

They proceeded past another brass door to be greeted by the most curious sight. A small mechanical spider constructed in brass and with a precious gem set into what passed for its head clattered its way towards Se’rith and Brelyna. It seemed to move awkwardly but there was nothing awkward in its subsequent leap, the way it dug its brass legs into Se’rith’s arm or the wicked cackle it emitted. Clearly the Synod member  out side had been assaulted by one of these constructs. Se’rith cursed herself for not reading up on the Dwemer in the Arcaneum before they left. Yet like the  brass giant they disposed of in Shimmermist Cave this spider also fell apart under a magical barrage. It did not seep blood though rather a black, viscous liquid dropped out of it. Se’rith collected some in an empty vial for later investigation as they pressed on.

The deeper they delved the more the amazement at the engineering and building qualities of this lost race. The Dunmer were amazed at the intricate machinery, the steaming pipes and the turning cogs. Hot air hissed as hydraulics pumped pistons, large busts of regal looking Dwemer decorated columns and entrance ways. More and more mechanical creatures assaulted them as they moved into Mzulft. For thousands of years they were true to their duty of keeping Mzulft clear of interlopers. The city, yes this must have been a city once its dimensions unapparent from the outside, seemed alive with the hiss of steam and whirl of machinery.

The Dwemer had clearly delved deep into the mountainside as at one point natural caverns broke the monotony of stone and brass piping. It was here that Se’rith and Brelyna began to see symbols and totems very similar to the one they had seen in Shimmermist Cave and soon enough they stumbled upon one of the blind creatures. Its keen sense of hearing picked up their approach and it launched itself from its perch brandishing a chitin sword that was as sharp as any steel Se’rith had ever seen. As they moved further into the earth they saw many of these dead creatures, what had Mirabelle called them, Falmer. Amidst their twisted corpses the remains of Dwemer constructs were scattered about. Some battle must have been fought here. Maybe the Falmer had settled in the ruins and the constructs, programmed to defend the city, reacted. Judging by the amount of scrap metal these Falmer were to be respected. After a further hour, through which they travelled through natural caverns and attacked by some sort of centipede looking like monstrosity of chitin, they arrived in a large chamber were the largest, and darkest Falmer they had just seen sat on a chitin throne a large gem set in an amulet around its neck.