Skyrim: A New Life

The Falmer was very dark skinned and it wore a mismatch of several armours. Its dark skin seemed to shimmer with some sort of secretion and it seemed to have another, excessively large Falmer that was almost feral in comparison to the specimens that had encountered so far. With a screech the dark skinned leader ordered the large Falmer forward while it launched a cold wall of frost at the Dunmer. Brelyna started to conjour an Atronsch while Se’rith cast a new spell she had bought off the Manatis Ambassador in Winterhold. A great cone of frost engulfed the charging Falmer and for a scarce moment held him in place. With her other had Se’rith launched a powerful lightning bolt that shattered one frozen arm off the Falmer. This caused the beast to enter into a frenzied rage and as it came closer Se’rith noticed that it wore some sort of skull over its features. Its limbs were grotesquely out of proportion to its size and its hands ended in wicked claws. Se’rith knew instantly she was outmatched. She had time to launch one bolt off before the beast was upon her. She braced herself for the inevitable and she was prepared to die as the proud daughter of Morrowind that she was. Thats when the Falmer was sent flying by a whirlwind of lighting and eldritch energy.

Having made short work of the Falmer mage, Berlnya’s conjured Storm Atronach vented its  fury on the beast. To its credit it lasted a while before the Atronach rended it apart, showering both Dunmer with gore and viscera. With no other enemies to slaughter the Atronach fell obediently beside Brelyna, its beady eyes shining wickedly until its time on this plane of existence was up and it winked out of sight. The jewel set into the Falmer mage’s amulet was of obvious Dwemer construction and it resembled some sort of gyroscope. Exploring the chamber they found two locked doors and a rather elaborate set of double doors that seemed barred from the other side. A man’s voice broke the silence enquiring of they were someone else, an Imperial by the sound of it. When they answered that they were Dunmer and members of the College the man on the other side unbarred and the door and quickly ushered them in. It was clear that he was in a high state of agitation and extremely tense. He introduced himself as Paratus and welcomed them to the Oculary.

He told them about how the Synod expedition were picked off one by one as they moved deeper into the ruins. If it wasn’t the Falmer it was some Dwemer guardian construct. He was the last one standing and he had barred himself in having being cornered by the mage and its beast like savant. He prattled on about machinery and the Oculary and some sort of guidance crystal. Se’rith began to wonder if the man had lost his senses until he abruptly stopped his ramblings and shouted, ‘of course you need to see it, to see it of course you will.’ He sped off into a columned corridor that opened into an immense chamber that housed, well Se’rith found it hard to explain what it was. An enormous orb of copper dominated the centre of the room. It had small glass domes of green glass dotted across its surface. A small dias stood at its apex and a small curved frame with an empty niche adorned it. ‘This my friends is the Oculary,’ intoned Paratus.