War in the Pacific Admiral’s Edition. Game vs Herb

End of June 1943 Submarine Warfare Report

36 enemy vessels were either sunk or damaged during June. The most successful boat was the SS PomPon that accounted for 6 ships for a grand total of 12,950 tons all confirmed sunk. Disappointment was felt across SUBCOMPAC as no enemy capital ships were hit during the Battle for Munda despite a target rich environment and 25 boats on station. A lot of boats have gone in for repairs and the latest search radar upgrades and several new enemy convoy routes have been discovered and attacked. The SS Grenadier and the venerable SS-46 were both lost to depth charge action during the month.


Reuters, Changsha, 30-6-1943

Chinese forces have confirmed they have forced Japanese units out of Changsha. It appears that 20,000 dead in one assault has made the Japanese Generals think twice before engaging Chinese units in urban warfare. Colums of Japanese infantry were seen marching East and they were harassed by planes of the USAAF supporting the Chinese Army. Messages intercepted by our radio listening stations confirm that units have been ordered to march during the day as casualties on the march begin to mount. Both the CAF and USAAF fighters around Chagsha have gained local air supremacy thus giving our bombers a free run.

In further war news…

Skyrim: A New Life

Part Two

Se’rith minion drew an ethereal two handed sword that was made of wispy black smoke. As it silently charged the dragon it literally sawed through a series of emaciated rib bones, the black smoke having the same effect as if it were the sharpest steel. Bone cracked and splintered and the blackness of the conjured being seemed to darken. It seemed to be drawing power from each strike of its sword. The dragon, sensing a threat turned its fury on its assailant. It clawed with sharp talons while breathing frost at it. The shadow mutely continued its assault against the dragon until it literally hacked off one of its tree trunk legs from under it. As it collapsed on its left side its wing  crumpled under it. Serith saw her opportunity. Clasping her hands together she sent three large lightning bolts at its head in quick succession. The other crackled as they sped to the dragon and upon impact they shattered bone with immense fury. The evil green light in its eyes winked and then dwindled as the dragon collapsed in a dusty heap. Whatever foul necromantic magic held it together evaporating into the ether. Se’rith dropped to her knees retching with the effort it took to cast that last spell. A whooshing sound made her look up wondering what new evil Labyrinthian was launching at her. She caught the last wisps of black shadowy smoke disappearing into a purple rent in reality as her shade was called back to Oblivion. She took a moment to assess what she had achieved before delving deeper into the dungeon.

A frost line door blovked her descent and not attempt at getting open prevailed until she decided to cast her flames spell. Her magical fire melted the ice and the door behind it shimmered before collapsing upon itself. A blue light brought a foul tongue in the air, the words harsh and guttural. She could not understand them but the blue light moved with great speed through the doorway and down the corridor. With trepidation she followed into a long corridor that had columned passages leading into the darkness on either side. She ultimately came across a deep shaft, criss crossed by passage ways. Growls and howls wafted up to her. The already familiar song of the Draugr. Sighing she descended to bring death once again to those who have cheated it.

As the undead clawed at her body and bit at her heels she dove into a side chamber for some rest. Inside she found a decapitated skeleton sat in a chair with an axe of old design embedded into it. Seems that Se’rith was not the first to delve into Labyrinthian. It appears that this room acted as some sort of study area as accoutrements of magical study lay strewn all over the place. She found several usable ingredients and pushed on. Further on she came across a flooded corridor that stopped at an iron black door. There the ghostly visage of Arch Mage Savos and his friends appeared. Once again they seemed oblivious to her presence though this time they were small in number, one apparently having perished. The Breton female urged them to go back but Savos urged them forward with great urgency. Like them Se’rith had no choice but to continue.

An impressive gateway guarded by more Draugr blocked further passage after wading through smelly stagnant water for what seemed an age.

Skyrim: A New Life

Part One

Calling on her innate magic Se’rith summoned the power of her ancestors to help her against this undead dragon. She felt and heard the voices from the ether, the ghosts of her long dead fmaily lending her strength. With a prayer to Azura and Stendarr on her lips she joined her hands and summoned a powerful lightning bolt that split the air between her and the skeletal dragon. It hit the undead beast on the left wing joint with a crack, splintering the bone and causing the dragon to roar in pain. It snapped its head around and let loose a cone of frost. Se’rith dove behind a stone column but could not avoid the blast, the right side of her body went numb with excruciating pain. Icicles and frost crystals formed on her robes. With her left arm she fumbled in her potion belt looking for a grey bottle with a green label. She found it, uncorked it and threw the bitter contents down her throat. The reaction was instant. As the liquid burned her insides she felt the cold recede and her clothing and skin were covered in a translucent blue film. The philtre contained a powerful potion of Resist Frost she had bought at Arcadia’s in Whiterun. As mobility returned she summoned another lightning bolt this time hitting the beast square on the mouth, two large, rotten fangs flew off into the dank air. It slowed for a second before hitting Se’rith with a second blast of cold sir. The effects of the potion in her veins took the worst off the frost but her movements were slowed. Feeling desperate she dug into her mind and chose a new spell she had never cast before. She had acquired a new spell from the conjuration school from the Manatis ambassador at the College. It supposedly tapped into the negative plane of Oblivion and called force a Shade to aid in her fight. Calling on darker powers did not sit well with Se’rith but she was desperate. In a ball of purple light the barrier between planes of existence was rent apart and through it stepped a black, skeletal figure with wicked red eyes. it saw the skeletal dragon and attacked!