Skyrim: A New Life

Part One

Calling on her innate magic Se’rith summoned the power of her ancestors to help her against this undead dragon. She felt and heard the voices from the ether, the ghosts of her long dead fmaily lending her strength. With a prayer to Azura and Stendarr on her lips she joined her hands and summoned a powerful lightning bolt that split the air between her and the skeletal dragon. It hit the undead beast on the left wing joint with a crack, splintering the bone and causing the dragon to roar in pain. It snapped its head around and let loose a cone of frost. Se’rith dove behind a stone column but could not avoid the blast, the right side of her body went numb with excruciating pain. Icicles and frost crystals formed on her robes. With her left arm she fumbled in her potion belt looking for a grey bottle with a green label. She found it, uncorked it and threw the bitter contents down her throat. The reaction was instant. As the liquid burned her insides she felt the cold recede and her clothing and skin were covered in a translucent blue film. The philtre contained a powerful potion of Resist Frost she had bought at Arcadia’s in Whiterun. As mobility returned she summoned another lightning bolt this time hitting the beast square on the mouth, two large, rotten fangs flew off into the dank air. It slowed for a second before hitting Se’rith with a second blast of cold sir. The effects of the potion in her veins took the worst off the frost but her movements were slowed. Feeling desperate she dug into her mind and chose a new spell she had never cast before. She had acquired a new spell from the conjuration school from the Manatis ambassador at the College. It supposedly tapped into the negative plane of Oblivion and called force a Shade to aid in her fight. Calling on darker powers did not sit well with Se’rith but she was desperate. In a ball of purple light the barrier between planes of existence was rent apart and through it stepped a black, skeletal figure with wicked red eyes. it saw the skeletal dragon and attacked!

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