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Losing Sight of the Margin

monastery2This morning I woke up unexpectedly early, with a bit of a headache which I’ve had since Friday.  I decided to clear out the cobwebs with a run so off I went.  It was just as good as the one I told you about a few days ago, if nothing else because it’s so cool at that time of the morning, in stark difference to the rest of the day and night.  However, by the time I returned to Matchbox I really wasn’t feeling very well.  My head felt like a hammer drill had taken up residence within it.  As the day wore on I thought about going to the Uffizi for a while but I couldn’t face it.  Instead I went out for tea in the Piazza della Republica. Civilised and relatively quiet which was about all I could handle today.

The headache made its explosive entrance on Friday…

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Skyrim Creation Kit

Bethesda released the Creation Kit on schedule on Tuesday and already modders are going nuts with it. I have added antiscamp’s blog to my blogroll as he is embarking on a very ambitious project called Frontier. Already a very successful and talented modder for Morrowind and Oblivion, his creation, Dibella’s Watch for Oblivion, for example was excellent, he is embarking on his Skyrim creation. Go check it out!