Panzer Campaigns Normandy 44 AAR

Inspired by my trip to Normandy and as I am currently rereading Herbert Meyer’s History of the the 12th SS Panzer Division I have fired up this game again. It is not a continuation of the earlier AAR as I los tthat game when my old processor died. This is a new game and I have currently played 14 turns.

A much more aggressive AI especially to the East of the Orne River where the 6th British Airborne Division has pressed hard against the 21st panzer Division from the early hours of the 6th June.  Likewise the AI pushed hard from the beaches and more or less achieved a historical line of advance on all fronts. In a parallel of historical action the radar station at Douvres and several outposts are fighting hard amidst a swarm of Allied units. the 82nd and 101st US Airborne Divisions also pushed harder in this game but towards the sea and the Causeways leading from the beaches rather than pressing the 91st Luftlande Division as happened in the last game. I guess the AI has different scripts.

The 12th SS Hitlerjugend Panzer Division has just come into contact with the enemy near Cairon. Elements of the 3rd Canadian Division were spotted by units of SS Aufklarer Abteilung 12. A nearby battery of 88m guns belonging to Panzer Jaeger Abteilung 200 engaged the Canadians as they crested a large hill to the north of Cairon. The heavy weapons company of the SS recon battalion immediately deployed forwards to add their 50mm and 80mm tubes to the battery of 88’s. Further news of contact with the enemy came from three companies of SS Panzer Grenadier Regiment 25 further to the South West. They had engaged advanced elements of the 55th Infantry Brigade to the North West of Bray. Fire was exchanged and orders given to I/II/SS.Pz.Rgt.12 to move its Panthers North to assault the British infantry. SS Panzer Artillery Regiment 12 also notified its readiness to support the assault.



As much as possible this AAR will take the point of view of the 12th SS Panzer Division with occasional reports from other areas of the Invasion Front

Manchester United 1 Galatasaray 0

Match corresponding to the UEFA Champions League.

A good start to the Champions Leauge campaign that ended so ignominiously last season in December. United played badly and Gala deserved much more from this game, certainly two very clear penalties were not given for the Turkish side, one committed by Vidic in the first minutes of the game! The Turkish fans provided a sterling atmosphere and did not stop chanting through out the match but a penalty given to United, and subsequently missed by Nani (the third spot kick United have missed this season), quietened them somewhat. This came after Micheal Carrick scored a rare goal rounding the keeper, he was also fouled by the goalie and could have gone down for a penalty and a sure sending off for the Galatasaray keeper so credit to Carrick there. Yet United were wasteful in possession and the final ball was very often bad an inaccurate, yes you Mr Valencia. The Turks had a solid control in midfield and were causing United some problems. David De gea pulled off a stunning double save from a Gala counter attack that stemmed from a penalty foul on Nani in the box that the referee ignored. Darren Fletcher came on for his first action in 10 months to a magnificent reception by the Old Trafford crowd. Three points but a very dodgy performance by the team, perhaps the nerves kicked in after last year’s poor showing.

Manchester United Squad

1   David De Gea

3   Patrice Evra

6   Johnny Evans

15 Nemanja Vidic

2   Rafael Da Silva

17 Nani

16 Micheal Carrick (Goal)

22 Paul Scholes

7 Antonio Valencia

26 Shinji Kagawa

20 Robin van Persie.


Darren Fletcher on for Paul Scholes

Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez on for Robin van Persie

Danny Welbeck on for Shinji Kagawa

Normandy 2012

Well im back from Normandy and what can I say but WOW!

First of all I’d like to say that the area itself is beautiful and serene, fitting considering the blood spilt on its soil. The people are very friendly and the vast amount of French, British, American and Canadian flags all over the small villages are testament to the sacrifices made and the gratitude is obvious in the amount of streets named after soldiers, regiments, divisions or the Liberation. The cuisine and its drink, vive le Calvados et cidre, are also top notch. I have taken over 1,300 photos, my wife cannot believe it and I will put the best ones here in this thread over the coming days/weeks.

We took in Pegasus Bridge, Merville Battery, Gold, Juno, Sword, Omaha and Utah Beaches. The villages and towns between them. Longues sur Mer Battery, St Marcouf Battery, Douvres Radar Station Maisy Battery, St Mere Eglise, St Marie du Mont, Carentan, Caen and Bayeux. The list of Museums and bunkers is endless. Holt’s battlefield guide proved an invaluable resource especially the longitude and latitude bearings for the GPS. Hiring a car is essential to get around the beach and battle areas. The driving through the country lanes and the discovery of quaint villages like Douvres la Deliverand and Beauvron en Auges just add to the experience.

I was also lucky enough to sit down and chat to a veteran at Arromanches les Bains. Mr H.Billinge, a Royal Engineer attached to 47 (RM) Commando. He was there raising funds for the Normandy Veterans Association (NVA) and it was an honour to hear him speak and an even greater one for him to accept the beer I bought for him!

Yet the most poignant visits were the ones to the cemeteries. We took in the British ones at Ranville and Bayeux. The American one at Coleville. The Canadian one near Beny Sur mer and ofcourse La Cambe. It is overwhelming to see so many soldiers lying at rest overlooking the places they fought over. Overwhelming as well the vast amount of respect one senses when you enter these places. All were immaculate and well cared for and it brought a tear to the eye to see so many Germans resting under the mighty oaks at La Cambe. Impressive as well the Canadian flag at the car park of the Beny cemetery. May their souls rest in the eternal peace these warriors deserve.

Here is one pic from Longues Sur Mer to wet your appetite.