Skyrim: A New Life

OT-some of you have asked where the rest of the posts are. Click HERE and then scroll down to older posts and read them backwards. (The latest post will be first on list.) Thanks for the readership.

After finally settling some mod clash issues with Skyrim I am once again able to play Skyrim. Unfortunately I had to delete all my save games to avoid a lengthy uninstall, reinstall process for the game along with the mods I use. I have started a new game using a female Dunmer Mage. I have also used Arthmoor’s   Live Another Life Alternative Start mod to play this game. My character, Se’rith, arrives in Skyrim via ship and starts in Windhelm. She is immediately shocked to encounter the xenophobic attitude of the Nords to all of non Nord heritage and makes it a point to leave the city as soon as she has enough septims and equipment to survive the journey she intends to make North to Winterhold. She is from a small clan in Morrowind that was affiliated with one of the larger Houses. Arriving in Windhelm she hears about some sort of insurrection against the Empire by the local Jarl, Ulfric. She is determined to keep herself out of political squabbles and her main aim is to join the Mage’s College after she found that there are no guilds in Skyrim, unlike other areas of the Empire. She has started her journey North and was set upon by several rouge conjurers inhabiting a ruined fort sitting astride the road through the mountains leading from Windhelm to Winter hold. She was ashamed to have run away from her attackers but they clearly more powerful than her. Resting in the lee of the mountainside she regained some strength by drinking a bottle of sweet mead and wolfing down some bread she had acquired in the New Gnoisis Club in Windhelm. As the strength began to flow back into her legs she resumed her journey. Turning around one of the many corners of the twisting, mountain road she caught a first glance of her destination in the snowy distance…

OT Note. I will be adding links and references to the mods I use as and when they are relevant to the story telling. To follow the story in the blog please click on the A New Life link under Categories.

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